So, who exactly are Gene & Julie Gates? Here’s a short tour of their world… it’s all about Radio, Restaurants and Relationships!

Want to get a feel for The Gene & Julie Show? Check out this demo. The positively hilarious show is about relationships, pop culture, celebrity interviews, fun listener interaction and making the community a better place.

12-year-old Nicole had trouble getting-up in the morning for school… so we decided to help her by sending the NC State Marching Band for a wake-up call! Um yeah, it worked. 

So, what ever happened to that guy you used to date? Is he a CEO or living in his mama’s basement? Gene & Julie’s private investigator finds out what your ex is up to without him knowing you had him checked out!

Gene & Julie are food obsessed… they owned a farm-to-table Italian restaurant and they eat out ALL THE TIME (when Gene’s not creating some culinary masterpiece at home). They enjoy sharing their culinary adventures so you can decide if you should spend your hard-earned money there. This video covers their trip to James Beard award-winning chef Vivian Howard’s Chef & The Farmer which is featured on the TV show “A Chef’s Life.”

Wouldn’t you like to give your significant other a letter grade to keep things real? Married hosts Gene & Julie give each other a weekly Relationship Report Card grade. Gene is a GROWN MAN and got tired of Julie’s nagging… but that led to an unfortunate outcome (and an F). Julie rocked it as a Mom and scored an A.

Mascara alert– this has all the feels! Producer Casey Tate had just called his mom to tell her he wouldn’t be able to come home for Christmas because his car was too dangerous for the seven hour drive from Raleigh to Calhoun, Georgia. But Gene & Julie had a surprise up their sleeves…

How good are you at figuring out who’s telling the truth and who’s telling a lie? The four cast members of The Gene & Julie Show tell you a story, figure out who the Big Fat Liar is and you win! Today’s edition features the cast’s first jobs… including Gene wearing a red wig, Julie getting fired, Patrick washing golf carts and Casey running the microphone at a drive thru window. Who do you think is the Big Fat Liar?

That’s Crazy… a feature about crazy people in the news doing crazy things. You know life must be pretty bad if you decide to commit a crime so you can go to jail to get away from your boss and WIFE! THAT’S CRAZY!

In honor of the Olympics, we played a little game called “Olympic Event or Patrick McMahon.” You identify which items are real Olympic events and which are hobbies of our traffic reporter Patrick McMahon. And yes, one of the categories is Dude Lifting… whatever that is.

When did someone say something so completely inappropriate to you, all you could say was, “Oh, No You Didn’t?” This week’s edition includes a foot-in-mouth moment with someone missing a limb and rude pregnancy comments from strangers like, “When are you finally going to have that baby?” and Julie replied, “She’s 7-years-old.” Oh, No You Didn’t!!!

Have you ever done anything crazy for love? Once Gene got a speeding ticket and convinced Julie to attend traffic school with him. Somehow he turned the tables on her…

Wouldn’t you like to give your significant other a letter grade to keep things real? Married hosts Gene & Julie give each other a weekly Relationship Report Card grade. This week they both earn a C+… Gene decided he would only communicate with Julie by email over the weekend (WTH?), and Julie is spending too much time on her “crystal fairy unicorn” stuff.

Can you make a sound like a trumpet? How about a crying baby or a train whistle? Gene & Julie discovered their listeners have many talents, including a guy named Dale who could perfectly mimic every animal on the farm. What is your unusual impression?

Do men get symptoms when their significant other is pregnant? Gene did…

Gene & Julie share stories of a dream that came true hours later and a voice that warned of a car crash. Then listeners shared their stories of “I’m not saying I’m psychic, but…” Several stories gave us a sense that someone is always looking out for you.